BA Hons Photography


Well you have landed and I guess you’ve got a lot of questions.. Well the answer to life isn’t here I’m afraid. However we hope find some of the answers relating to the day to day activities of participating on the course.

How do I get photographic equipment from the Technical Resource?

Well, firstly you must have your UCA ID card, without this you will be waisting your time waiting in the queue. Most equipment is offered on a first come first served basis. So getting into University early will be important here. You know what they say about the ‘early bird catches the worm..


What advice can you give when returning equipment?

  • Don’t be late! Another student, probably has a vital shoot to complete and is probably waiting for you.
  • Turning up to Technical Resources, 5 mins before they close or returning equipment not in perfect order won’t win you any friends.
  • Don’t forget that lens cap or shutter release cable.
  • Do treat the equipment with great care. Remember if you damage or lose the equipment you are responsible for the loss. So do take care of its security.
  • If you can demonstrate that you are trust worthy and considerate, you might receive an upgrade…. I said you might?

Where can I buy film or photographic paper?

At the Technical Resource centre, we have a small shop selling a selection of materials. We take cash or a cheque.




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