BA Hons Photography
Feedback & Reflection

“Tony Ray Jones had a profound influence on a generation of documentary photographers, who emerged in Britain in the 1970′s and 80′s.” His Filofax’s are crammed with thoughts and processes and is held in the National Media Museum.

Some of the notes from his diaries are worth our consideration:

‘Don’t take boring pictures’.

‘Photography for me is an exciting and personal way of reacting to and commentating upon one’s environment.’

Take a few minutes to look through his diaries, they are quite realign in how much reflection he went through in order to realise his projects.

You should be receiving your feedback shortly for the 1st component of the Environment Unit. As you begin to work on the 2nd component draw from the points raised not only from the written feedback but also from the Peer review sessions. Remember you are in 1st Year, so none of the Grades go towards your final Degree marks. This is time for exploration and experimentation, but also an important point to refine your technical control of the photographic process. We will be offering feedback tutorials in February to support your progression.















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