BA Hons Photography
Week 13: 2014

Txema Salvans, from the series ‘Waiting Game’. Dear 1st Year, we do hope you are keeping well and wish you a very Happy New Year. This post is a copy of the email that went out earlier today and outlines the plan of the week.


1. Submission Deadline: Tuesday 7th January (10am-11am)

RPHC4003 Contextual Studies Unit.: Component 1 (Essay)

I’m sure many of you are all focussed on tomorrow’s deadline for the first ‘essay’ component of your Contextual Studies Unit. Francis Summers has emailed details submitting work via Turnitin. This can be found via myUCA, under RPHC4003 Contextual Studies Unit > Unit Contents > Assessment > Year 1 Essay: RPHC4003.

Do listen to the guide ‘Help with Turnitin’

Once this procedure is undertaken, you must also hand in your essay as a hard copy to the Campus Registry Office located on the ground floor, via the Zandra Rhodes Gallery. (Please note, Jackie is on leave, so please exp-lain you are a 1st Year Photography student, handing in your component.



2. Project Briefing: Tuesday 7th January (11.30am)

RPHC4002 Commission Unit.: Component 2 Briefing

Following your hand-in there is time for a coffee/tea and then Steffi Klenz will be giving her briefing of Component 2 of the Commission Unit, this will take place in Studio 2 at 11.30am. To support the briefing and contextual talk in the afternoon students from the 2nd and 3rd Year have kindly agreed to represent their projects and talk about their process of developing their projects concept, using contextual research and their shooting methodology. This is an opportunity to ask questions about the challenges to undertake such a project, so you are encourage to prepare questions.



3. RPHC400 Object & Body Unit Deadline

To ensure that you all have as much preparatory time as possible, we have slightly adjusted the deadline of the Unit. This is to facilitate that all 1st Years go to the Private Views of the 2nd Year shows for Medway Photo. The presentation dates are as follows, Tuesday 21st January and Thursday 23rd. The schedule is outlined below, but doesn’t yet include Friday 24th January’s Peer Review timetable. I will send this later to you all. Where possible, I have tried to stick to the same format, but please note carefully your timetabled slot.


Summative Assessment Schedule

RPHC4001 Object & Body Unit

TUESDAY 21st  January – Jonathan Simms, Room 806


10.00-10.30am                                Rebecca Henehan


10.30am-11am                                Madison Blackwood


11.00.-11.30am                               Hannah Broad


12.00-12.30pm                                Zoe Coombes


12.30-1pm                                        George Enescu


2.00-2.30pm                                     Danielle Phipps


2.30-3pm                                          Adam Easton




Summative Assessment Schedule

RPHC4001 Object & Body Unit

TUESDAY 21st  January – Steffi Klenz, Room 805


10.00-10.30am                                Georgia Wynne


10.30am-11am                                Bethan Williams


11.00.-11.30am                               Hannah Vigors


12.00-12.30pm                                Nicola Thompson


12.30-1pm                                        Mark Sutherland


2.00-2.30pm                                    Catherine Stuart


2.30-3pm                                          Charlie Stanhope




Summative Assessment Schedule

RPHC4001 Object & Body Unit

THURSDAY 23rd January – Jonathan Simms, Room 806


10.00-10.30am                                Jade Gordon-Brown                                       

10.30am-11am                                Jessica Griffiths                                 

11.00-11.30am                                Charlotte Edwards                 

12.00-12.30pm                                Luna Limbu



Summative Assessment Schedule

RPHC4001 Object & Body Unit

THURSDAY 23rd January – Steffi Klenz, Room 806


10.00-10.30am                                Neda Mockeviciute   


10.30am-11am                                Somer Nash


11.00-11.30am                                Katie Morrison                       

12.00-12.30pm                                Elizabeta Mikelsone




PEER REVIEW (IN PAIRS) RPHC4001 Object & Body Unit

TUESDAY 21st  January – LIBRARY


10.30-11.30am           Rebecca Henrehan & Georgia Wynne

11.00-12pm                 Madison Blackwood & Bethan Williams

11.30-12.30pm           Hannah Broad & Hannah Vigors

12.30-1.30pm             Zoe Coombes & Nicola Thompson

2.00-3pm                    George Enescu & Mark Sutherland

2.30-3.30pm               Danielle Phipps & Catherine Stuart

3.00-4.30pm               Adam Easton & Charlie Stanhope



PEER REVIEW (IN PAIRS) RPHC4001 Object & Body Unit

THURSDAY 23rd  January – LIBRARY


10.30-11.30am           Jade Gordon-Brown & Neda Mockeviciute

11.00-12pm                 Jessica Griffiths & Somer Nash

11.30-12.30pm           Katie Morrison & Charlotte Edwards,

12.30-1.30pm             Luna Limbu & Elizabeta Mikelsone



Scanning & Printing Schedule:

To support the submission requirements for the forthcoming deadline for this unit. Please refer to the timetable for access to the darkrooms and digital lab. Remember to turn up for your allocated slot. Students who are 30mins late and have not informed the technical team, will jeopardise their enlarger entitlement, so please communicate with us in good time if you have been delayed. If by 10.30am a student schedule to use the enlarger has not shown, their place will be assigned to another student on a 1st come. 1st served basis.


Please refresh yourself with the submission requirements of the brief, pages 3 & 4

Object Print: Analogue & Digital (Colour)

You are encouraged to print your analogue prints first for the Object. This print should be used as a ‘Proof’ Print for your digital print submission, which will require you to make a high resolution scan of your 5×4 negative. John Sullivan and Colin Jackson will be on hand to support in the respective labs.


Body Print: Analogue (B&W)

Please refer to the project brief, however please print in good time.

I will send out presentation guidelines later this week in preparation for the Object and Body presentations.



Photography Archive

Please can you copy to the archive scans of your finals to the following location. This can be accessed by using computers in Rm 803 or Digital Lab. The pathway and resolution specifications are set out below:

Server Location: photo$ > SUBMIT work for ARCHIVE > 2013-14 YR1 > Unit > Student Name


Resolution Specifications

(1) Low Res jpegs 72dpi (1Mb)

(2) High Res: “The files should be no smaller than 2500x3500px saved as high quality jpg” (BV)


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