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Assessment Schedule and Guidelines: Commission Unit (Waste)

Dear all,

Please study the information below carefully and come prepared. Be confident and assured and the assessment will be ok. Remember the assessment panel is not interested in making this a horrible experience for you. Please see below the schedule for the presentations.


10-10.30am                                      Rebecca Henehan

 10.30am-11am                                Madison Blackwood

 11.00-11.30am                                Hannah Broad

 12.00-12.30pm                                Zoe Coombes

 12.30-1pm                                        George Enescu

 2-2.30pm                                          Jade Gordon-Brown

 2.30-3pm                                          Adam Easton

 3-3.30pm                                          Charlotte Edwards

 3.30-4pm                                          Jessica Griffiths

 4-4.30pm                                          Luna Limbu



10-10.30am                                      Georgia Wynne

10.30am-11am                                Bethan Williams

 11.00-11.30am                                Hannah Vigors

 12-12.30pm                                     Nicola Thompson

 12.30-1pm                                        Mark Sutherland

 2-2.30pm                                          Catherine Stuart

 2.30-3pm                                          Charlie Stanhope

 3-3.30pm                                          Danielle Phipps

 3.30-4pm                                          Neda Mockeviciute

 4-4.30pm                                          Katie Morrison

 4.30-5pm                                          Elizabeta Mikelsone



2pm: Grp.1 PITCH Presentation

  • Zoe Coombes
  • Charlotte Edwards
  • Charlie Stanhope
  • Hannah Vigors
  • Georgia Wynne

 2.30pm: Grp.2 PITCH Presentation

  • Madison Blackwood
  • Kate Morrison
  • Danielle Phipps
  • Mark Sutherland
  • Bethan Williams

 3.00pm: Grp.3 PITCH Presentation

  • Jade Gordon Brown
  • Rebecca Henehan
  • George Enescu
  • Catherine Stuart
  • Nicola Thompson

 3.30pm: Grp.4 PITCH Presentation

  • Hannah Broad
  • Adam Easton
  • Jessica Griffiths
  • Luna Limbu
  • Elizabeta Mikelsone
  • Neda Mockeviciute



Soon it will be time to have your summative (final) assessment point for the Commission Unit. This is a point where you present the work you have made for the Commission Unit Part 2: Waste. This unit ends at this point with your individual assessment presentations on the 20th March 2014 and your group exhibition presentation on the 21st March 2014. You will be individually presenting to either Steffi or Jonathan and your group pitch will be given to both Jonathan and Steffi.

(Summative Assessment refers to the assessment of
 your learning and progression at the end of a particular unit. The panel
 designated to the assessment marks the students’ achievements according to the 
set out assessment points and assigns a score/mark.)

For this assessment point we do expect a high level of professionalism from our students, so please give the presentation of your reviews due care and attention. Time keeping is important here, so be early, you have a strict time allowance of 10mins to present the second component of the Commission Unit, ‘Waste’. Practice the timing of your presentation. If in doubt about the content of your presentation keep it simple. After your presentation the assessing panel member has the right to ask you questions to clarify their understanding of certain aspects of your presentation. You will not be given direct feedback in that this is a formal assessment point.


For this assessment point you must prepare a formal presentation. Your presentation can take the form of either a specific Blog Post (please name it Summative Assessment Commission Unit) or a PDF (labeled with your name and the unit), Presentation & Prints. A computer provided will be allocated in room(s) to display this. Final Prints and selected contact sheet are to be presented in your session.

It is vital that you refer to your brief for this Unit so that you deliver all tasks. Please go to the 1st year website to re-familiarize yourself with each of the Project requirements for both parts of this unit.



Your assignment should seek to satisfy the following criteria and be no longer than 10 minutes.

For the ‘Waste’ component you should seek to cover the following structure:

1. A clear introduction to your project, outlining the concept (idea), behind the images you have created.

2. Include your Research and Visual References, with a clear explanation of what you think their significance is and why. For example, how does your reference relate to your project? What do you think are the most important factors that you have learnt from your reference? How has the reference material progressed your project?

 3. Your Final Photographic prints for the Unit (at least 3 images). For those students presenting a body of work, meaning a possible grid please discuss this in your presentation and be able to present your edit in the way you would envision this:

- The print must be to the highest standard, evidencing your ability to control focus, exposure, tone and colour correction.

- Contact sheets from your shoots. Here we can discuss matters of camera position, focal length, exposure and lighting, etc.

4.      Finally include a Self Evaluation/Critical Appraisal of 300 words!  . At the end of your presentation, you must produce a critical appraisal. Incorporate this into your presentation. Write a self-evaluation that covers these questions. What is your understanding of issues related to the unit? – What context would you place your work in? – What were the reasons behind your photographic choices? For instance, how do you think your visual choices translate to your ideas? – How have you managed your studies? – What aspect of your shoot productions do you need to reflect upon and why? – What has been the most significant challenge on these Units so far? – How can you overcome them in the future?



Your assignment should seek to satisfy the following criteria and be no longer than 15 minutes. All memebers of your group must be involved in the presentation and you should be presenting according to your assigned roles.

1. A clear introduction to your exhibition, outlining the concept (idea), behind the images you have chosen to display: Your exhibition must engage an audience and you must discuss your clear visual strategy for the images included.

2.  Include your Visual References (other examples of exhibitions), with a clear explanation of what you think their significance is and why they have informed your decision-making.

3.  Your Final exhibition Proposal in form of a floor-plan indicating the position of the selected photographs and the actual size of the work (what is the ideal size for each particular piece, consider your audience here)

4.   Present your working-strategies: This is a group exercise and you must work within a team. You should have assign each other roles such as curator, marketing, managing and designing the floor plan, researcher etc. (this was discussed with you at the briefing stage as well as in the last group-tutorial) and have a clear group structure that enables you to plan, manage and create your exhibition proposal.

5.  Finally include a Self Evaluation of 300 words.


When you make your Presentation, you have limited time to do this, only 10mins for your individual presentation and 15minutes for your exhibition group presentation. It is important to cover all the content.

Be on time! We start at 10am so get your work on the computer before we begin the presentations. Being late is not acceptable.

Prepare & rehearse.  DO NOT BUSK or BLAG IT on Assessment Day. Be precise and structure the content of your presentation.

Speak clearly. Don’t talk too fast. Don’t talk too slowly.

Be professional. Be Respectful and be Open.

If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from attending on time, you must contact Jackie Andrew before 9.30am, and your situation will be reviewed.   Students should seek to arrive in advance of the start time to ensure they are prepared. Your project management and professionalism counts.

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