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Online Video Tutorials

UCA has launched a new valuable resource, from This is a library of online video tutorials, to support your practical learning.

As a UCA student you setup an account, but has to be made whilst using the UCA local network. Once this is completed, you can watch outside of the building. There is also an ‘app’ for iPhone and iPad users. For advice in setting up an account follow the link here. Excellent tutorials exist. Subjects being covered include, Project Management for Creatives, Digital Asset Management and DSLR Video Film Making. I’ve listed below some, introductory titles to get you started.

ColourSearch for Chris Murphy’s tutorial titled ‘Colour Management, Essential Training‘. Within our environment we work with RGB printers, using the colour space Adobe 1998. Do listen to Part 1 (Basic Colour Management Workflow) to get an initial view on the subject.

Adobe Photoshop CS6  - Tim Grey’s introductory workshop titled ‘Photoshop CS6: Selections and Layer Masks will get you familiar with the various tools. An important tutorial by Lee Varis, ‘Beyond Skin: Going Deeper with Photoshop CS3‘ shows how to use curves to colour correct for portraiture. This excellent tutorial will be very beneficial for your control of colour, so do use the self-study periods and sit down with a new colleague and learn together in our digital lab.

Lightroom LRChris Orwig’s ‘Lightroom 4 Catalogs in Depth, is especially useful in getting to grips with this.





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