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Shooting RAW: Tethered Workflow

Please see the presentation that introduced, the technologies behind digital sensors and the use of RAW processors, such as Adobe Lightroom, that uses demosiacing algorithms to convert the Bayer filter to an RGB image. To support your understanding of the Library and Develop modules, do refer to the tutorials






In the initial briefing, purchase advice was offered about portable Hard Drives. A hard drive is needed for the Lightroom workshops in preparation for the Fashion Constructed Image Unit. The workshops are also to support your understanding of maintaining a reliable back-up of your digital data. The key point to underline is to have more than one, copy of your data and preferably a 3rd copy of your data off-site in a secure site.

There are now a number of good quality USB 3.0 portable on the market. A 1Tb, represents best value. Currently, Western Digital are offering their portable USB3 drive at very good prices on Amazon. The ‘My Passport‘ 1TB drive is also can be purchased with a dedicated case, the ‘Nomad‘ which is worth considering. The drive can also work with both USB 2.0 and importantly requires no power adapter. Please note this is drive is only a recommendation, so feel free to undertake your own research.




Before using your drive,  you must reformat it. Do remember when you reformat you ERASE all data. So be very clear on undertaking this. If you require help, please do come ask us.

For Mac users, reformat using Disk Utility and use the HFS+ format, otherwise known as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). See the screenshot below.

Reformatting Hard Drive


For PC users, the simplest method is to reformat either using FAT32. There are file size limitations with this. Please see this article for further information for formatting Windows systems.

Please note that drives that are formatted with NTFS file system are not recommended for environments where you are are working between Mac and PC.





See below one example of a workflow by photographer Chase Jarvis

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