Deardorff Camera
Large Format Photography

Paolo Roversi’s, 10 x 8 Deardorff plate camera. Please find the notes which support the Large Format workshops. Listed also are help guides, the ‘Quickdisk’ for close-up photography and calculating the Bellows Extension factor. Also are the links to the short films of Joel Sternfeld, Alec Soth and Simon Roberts working with their respective cameras.

When working with Large Format cameras, you must develop your own discipline for making work. Work in a considered manner. As a reminder, do ‘Identify’ alphanumerically each dark-slide and keep notes that are clear and understandable. What is critical is the focus, so using a magnifying loupe is vital to achieve critical sharpness



Simon Roberts: How to take a photograph on a 5×4 camera from National Media Museum on Vimeo.


High Line Stories: Joel Sternfeld on Vimeo.


ALEC SOTH: Talks about his process of making work.



Darren’s Great Big Camera ¬†on Vimeo.



5×4 Introduction and Focal Length



5×4 Step by Step Guide




Quick Disc



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