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‘Live’ Timetable: 2014

Welcome to the Year 1, Academic Calendar. Your weekly teaching sessions for this Term, will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. On Wednesday’s there are some optional Lectures offered by both visiting practitioners and internal staff to support your studies. We will indicate which Wednesday sessions you must attend. All other sessions are mandatory.

So note carefully your Tutorial Group and carefully build your own personal schedule so that you have a clear plan of weekly academic sessions and your Unit deadlines.

We make every effort to keep you informed of the timetable, so we will now be publishing a ‘live’ schedule via the Apple Calendar and Google Calendar. This should enable you to access  the schedule for both IOS and Android devices. This will require that you follow the instructions set out below. We hope that you will find this useful in keeping well organised and arriving in a timely fashion for your sessions.

Below are the instructions for Subscribing to iCal (Apple Mac/iPhone/iPad users), Outlook Express (Windows) and iCloud scheduler. Its strongly advised to view the ‘live’ timetable, see the iCal and iCloud options. This way if a room change is made, the timetable will automatically updated. There can be occasional changes to your program, such as room changes so these options are best:


APPLE: Calendar

If you have been been having problems creating a Google account, and have an Apple Mac, use the native application iCal/Calendar, please see the new link below. When you subscribe, please ensure that you set this to ‘Auto-Refresh’. Subscribe, by either ‘clicking’ or cutting and pasting the link below:

Above are screenshots of the iCal application, by going to ‘Calender’ menu > ‘Subscribe you connect to the ‘live’ schedule’. As mentioned this is important as there can be occasional changes to your program. When subscibing for the first time, setup the subscription to refresh, “once a day”.

Please note a provisional PDF of the timetable is set out below, however all students must not that this neither has the detail of the ‘Live’ calendar and naturally will not update if changes do need to be made.

Please ensure you check your ‘student.ucreative’ email for further information to support your studies. We also have a SMS information, which we use in case a session needs to be rescheduled. For this to operate, you must ensure your current mobile number is registered with the Faculty Office, by completing the necessary Induction forms.



YR1 Photography Timetable TERM 1 2013_14

 As set out earlier, above is a temporary calendar, just to give an overview, whilst you set-up your ‘LIVE’ Timetable on your computer / mobile device. It should not be relied upon for planning.




Below are the instructions for Subscribing to the online scheduler. Its strongly advised to use the ‘live’ timetable, so do see the iCal and iCloud setup guide. The timetable will automatically update. Do get into the habit of reading your ‘ucreative’ emails, prior to the start of the week. Tutors and Campus Registry staff often send out important information, regarding units of learning, tutorials, workshops and assessment. It will be your responsibility to be up to date with the relevant UCA information

In order to access the timetable you will need to complete the following 3 steps:

1. Enrol and receive your student ‘ucreative’ email

2. Go online to ‘Google’ and setup a new account using your student.ucreative email. (Remember your password!)

3. Inform your Year Tutor of the address, by sending an email to We will then send you an invitation to the YR1 Timetable using your student ‘ucreative’ email.


iCAL: Apple Mac

If you have a Mac OSX10.7 or 10.8, use the native application iCal/Calendar utility to see the published events. To set this up, go to preferences, click on the ‘Accounts’ and add a new account.

This is done by, clicking on the ‘+’ sign in the bottom right hand corner. When the add ‘Account Type’ dialogue appears, select ‘Google’, from the pull-down menu. See below and complete the setup by adding your sudent.ucreative email address along with your ‘Google’ password.


The last step is to click on the ‘Delegation’ tab and ensure that the YR1 Photo_2013/14 is ‘ticked’.

All being well you should now have access to the timetable from your Mac and also via Google, using any computer that is connected to the internet. Hand for foreign trips.



Go to: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars


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